An invisible enemy. A mysterious school. Can a troubled teen use her incredible powers to uncover the deadly truth? 

As the only child of a widowed father, Jenna Banks has learned to handle whatever the world throws her way. But when she encounters a strange boy who vanishes before her eyes, she never expected sparks of electricity to leap from her fingertips in response.

Confused by her strange new ability, she barely has time to process the freak accident that kills her father and leaves her an orphan. 

Devastated and alone, she’s sent to a prestigious academy filled with bloody deeds and dark secrets. As she meets her classmates, Jenna learns she’s not the only one with powers. But until she controls her strange gift, she’ll never be able to track the vanishing creature bent on turning her world upside down. 


Can Jenna survive the school long enough to hunt down her target before her future fades away?


Fade is the first book in an electrifying YA urban fantasy trilogy. If you like headstrong heroines, paranormal powers, and jaw-dropping twists, then you’ll love E. G. Bateman’s exciting coming-of-age adventure. 

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Jenna and her friends have escaped from the covert agents who lied to her about what she was and what her new powers really mean. 

She’s physically injured and emotionally broken but intends to fight the agency to protect the ethereal, advanced race known as faders. Jenna needs the special abilities of David, a fader she’s never met but who is closely linked with her family’s past. She must return to the military base she’s just escaped from, to rescue David. 

Can she escape a second time?

Join Jenna as she goes further than she believed possible and receives help from an unexpected source.

Book two of the Faders series will blow apart what you think you know about faders.

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Jenna is changing!

Can her friends still trust her? Should she trust herself?

An act of desperation has stripped Jenna of her powers and she feels lost without them.

Now living on Full-Earth, out of reach of the agency, they try to settle into a new life. But news of agency atrocities brings them back to Half-Earth. 

New enemies and old are closing in, and no Earth is safe. 

As all looks hopeless, a mysterious entity reveals it can return Jenna’s powers, but is the price too high?

Jenna's friends are in peril and the future of three worlds is at stake.

Could billions of lives be in peril from Jenna herself?

This is the adrenaline fuelled climax to the Faders trilogy.

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Jenna thinks the History of the Trackers is boring. 

Vanessa thinks that next weekend, she’ll be painting the nursery blue. 

Kim thinks being grounded for sneaking out of the Academy is the worst thing that’s going to happen to her today. Kim is wrong. 

They are all wrong. 

The mysterious, UNSEEN Faders are attacking. The Agents, sworn to protect the Academy and its students, are nowhere in sight. 

Survival is the only priority.

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Lexi is a magic-wielding former assassin who broke away from the shadowy organization that trained her. 

Working as a private investigator, her latest case takes her and her partner to Palm Springs, where a shifter is being harassed by a local businessman. But with pack politics and rivalries, this is far more than a property deal gone bad.

Far worse, for Lexi, is that her local contact is her long-time nemesis, the gay vampire detective Dick. If the case doesn’t kill her, working with him again might!

Join Lexi, Dick, and an unforgettable cast of characters in the first three books of this addictive new series.


Lexi discovers secrets about the shadowy organization she works for. 

Leaving seems the only option, except that no one leaves Kindred.

Can she survive on the run away from her employer who is also the only family she's ever known?


Revenge, reckoning, and redemption: HELLCATS, THE ANTHOLOGY has it all.

Presenting sixty nine stories of feline adventure that will make you chortle, chuckle, gasp, and guffaw.

We have: Pirates, cowboys, and spacewalkers.

Soul suckers, seers, and swashbuckling heroes.

With guest appearances by Mr. Darcy, The Madwoman in the Attic, and Hunter S. Thompson as a cat.

In the far reaches of outer space, cats crawl and pounce, shift and slaughter. 

While back on Earth, the wicked are punished, the weak avenged, and the good guy wins against all odds.

We have paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, swords and sorcerers, cozy mysteries, romance, literary fiction, and much, much more. 

All proceeds from this anthology will go to support a 79 year-old grandmother Erada who has been hounded through the courts and is in danger of losing her home.

The HELLCATS are a group of writers who banded together to try to prevent that from happening.

Help the HELLCATS help Erada keep her home.