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I greatly enjoyed this book. It kept me hooked and there were multiple times I had to lift my jaw off the floor as I read the plot twist. There’s one scene in particular that had me actually gasping out loud and saying, “NO WAY!” It’s not often that I’m caught so off-guard that I don’t see even a hint of it coming, but the author definitely got me. Such an awesome story and I honestly can’t wait to find out what happens next!


If I thought Ms. Bateman couldn’t possibly surprise me more than she had in the first book of this series, I was so, so wrong. I felt like I was on Space Mountain at Disney, where everything is mostly dark and you aren’t sure which way the coaster is going to go, and you’re somehow surprised by every dip and turn even though you know you’re signing on for a bumpy ride. The amount of imagination and creativity in this book was amazing. It took a bit more of a sci-fi turn than I expected, but I actually loved it and thought it was an interesting and fun twist.

I am honestly hooked already. Desperate for the next one! This genre is right up my street and I wanted the book to keep going and going and going! Loved it!

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E. G. Bateman began writing her first book, Fade, in 2014. She put it aside several times before finishing it in 2017. Book two of the Faders series, The Network, was published in 2018 and book three, Portal, in 2019. she is currently working on a new series but there will be more to come in the Faders series.

She lives in England with her husband, son and dogs. She likes the idea of going to the gym but prefers eating chocolate and binge-watching TV shows.


She misses Buffy.



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